Hubble Sees Nearby Asteroids Photobombing Distant Galaxies Are any viewers of this post studying astronomy in science class? If so, read on because this post will give you the basics in case you need to refresh your memory or have a quiz coming up. First let’s start with the solar system. The first four planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. They have a solid surface which means they are terrestrials. Then we have the asteroid belt. After that we have the gas giants, which are Jupiter and Saturn. Then ice giants which are Uranus, and Neptune. Beyond that is Pluto and the Kuiper belt. Now let’s learn about the moon.

People are unsure how the moon was created but there are theories. One is that a celestial object hit Earth sending part of the Earth into space in which it condensed due to gravity becoming the moon. Anyways, let’s start with phases. The moon is orbiting Earth in a constant way usually with a 5° tilt except when we have an eclipse. The sun’s light is reflected off of the surface of the moon and that causes the moon to give a different shape depending on where the moon is in it’s orbit. Remember when I said that the moon’s orbit was tilted, that is the reason we don’t have a lunar and solar eclipse every year. Next is facts about the solar system.

First up is the reason why the system we live in is called the solar system. The reason has to do with the sun. I know that this might not make sense, but the sun is actually called Sol. Sol is actually Latin for sun, so spanish since it has Latin roots, sol is in the language. If you use the name Sol, you may get extra credit on a test but I can’t guarantee that your teacher will count it correct so I suggest having Sol in parentheses so you have what your teacher wants while you impress them with your knowledge. Next fact, Earth is the only planet in the solar system that isn’t named after a Roman or Greek god/goddess (other than the new ninth planet in our solar system that’s in the Kuiper belt). Final fact, when the moon pulls on the Earth making tides, the opposite side of the planet has high tide because the moon is pulling the Earth a little bit so the water is there because of inertia.

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Magic Matters 2.0 Part 3

So far, Noah and I have not made any major achievements. At the moment, we are trying to get a response from our mentor at Fantasma magic. We are also figuring out the magic trick curriculum for our students. So far, we have found some magic tricks that may seem interesting and we are thinking on bringing in some of our magic kits we have at home to teach even more tricks to our students.

We are planning on hopefully getting a mentor by next Friday which more than likely will not be Fantasima. We are also sending an e-mail to the school we will be doing this project so we can get permission for this program. Be ready for the possible part 4 of these post. Look out for magic matters because it may be at your school.

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Favorite Holidays

I have three different holidays that I like to celebrate for different reasons. The holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s . Here are the reasons why in order of the holidays.

First is Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving for a number of reasons. First is that I get to spend time with family. Most of my family on my father’s side of the family, I don’t get to see except on Thanksgiving. Usually we drive to Maryland and spend the break with family. Second, there is all the food. I mean, when you eating so healthy that you can’t eat a wendy’s hamburger without gagging at least once, good food that doesn’t involve cooked spinach or zucchini noodles is not that common (or at least last year). Thanksgiving is a great holiday but what I don’t get why people put up Christmas decorations so early. Well, better make way for Santa because Christmas is next.

Next is Christmas and I have to say, What’s not to like about it? Anyways, better get on with it. On Christmas Eve, my family on my mother’s side comes over to celebrate. I get to see my cousins and some uncles and aunts since uncle Mike had row with my grandparents. My second reason is (if you have an elf over during december and your parents haven’t told you something about it, skip this section) that I get to have some fun hiding my elf, Christopher Popinkins, in my house. Now time to end the year with New Year’s eve. As a family tradition, we have lasagna for dinner and the kind my mom makes is absolutely delicious and I am hoping she never changes the recipe. I remember that one day she said that she was going to make the lasagna healthy and my dad and I shot her down.

A Fire In The Sky I like New Year’s Eve and not because it’s the end of the year but because of what we do. Every year, my mom plans out the day and includes fun activities for the day. Now there are some gaps because that I know of, she is the only person that knows what is going on other than (maybe) my dad. She puts these slips of paper that say what we are doing in balloons. she used to do paper bags but not anymore (I think). I also like being able to stay up late. Last year, Me and my friend went around on plasma cars and kept constantly drifting them and that was at I think 2:00 in the morning. I also like watching the ball drop in New York. Last year, my parents dropped a bunch of balloons so my brothers could experience the ball drop without staying up to midnight.

All of the hyperlinks are to photos showing the holiday in some way, shape, or form

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Magic Matters 2.0 Part 2

My 20% project (you might know this from my Magic Matters 2.0 post) is an after school magic learning club that teaches others how to do magic tricks that are cost effective.

Now, I admit, I’m a bit nervous about how it will turn out. there are many things that could possibly go wrong, but it should work out in the end (hopefully). I am excited that my partner, Noah, and I get to continue to teach others about magic. I’ve loved magic since I was a little kid and this means a lot to me. I remember that when we would go to Gold Star, there was this man who would do balloon animals and magic tricks. After I got my first magic kit, I was hooked. I’m also feeling happy. This is because I get to teach others magic.

Noah and I are hoping to figure out what tricks we will be doing for the lessons by the end of November. For some of our future goals, we are planning on reaching out to the principal of the school we’ll be doing lessons at by February. We are going to start the lessons in  March and continue till sometime in April.

See my visual aid for more information.

Magic Matters 2.0

This post is about something called Magic Matters. Magic Matters is a website that me and my friend, Noah, created that teaches others how to perform magic tricks. Now, If you type in, It will not work. This is because the Weebly subscription is over. Now, Magic Matters 2.0 is not a website. Magic Matters 2.0 is the name of an after school program that Noah and I are making.

Magic Matters started with something called Guinness hour. Guinness hour is a name for 20% time. 20% time is a program created and used by Google. It means that employees spend 20% of their time working on anything they want. Things like Gmail are a result of this. Our project was a website that taught others magic tricks. Since we didn’t have much time to complete the project (we started with different projects) the website wasn’t entirely finished.

This year, Noah and I want to continue Magic Matters. This year, we are going to give a class at an elementary school (I’m not going to say where for safety reasons) for third and fourth grade. This class we are hoping to start sometime in March. We first are going to have to get permission to have this program, but we will start it eventually. Our mentor at Marvin’s Imagic has not responded yet, but if he/she doesn’t respond, We are going to have to contact someone else.

The view

At school, sometimes
I look out the window
And see the sun rise
And nothing is stirring
For winter is here with its cold, bitter wind
Not a bird is in sight
All is still and peaceful
Then I must get back to work


Then I look again
And see not snow but green as far as the eye can see
The scenery a painting of great skill
It is beautiful
The birds sing yet again
Then I must
Return to class work
With the picture in my mind

Here’s my class blog

And here is where I got my photos (they was under the flickr search engine)


Activity 3

This is an Ariel Atom. Not just any, this car raced at Le Mans with a driver with great skill. His name was Sean. Since a kid, sean loved cars. when he grew up, he became a race car driver. He was racing for a company called Ariel. Now when the Ariel came out with the Atom, he instantly wanted to drive it. Lucky him, it was picked for the Le Mans with him as the driver. There was one problem. Ariel had not won a race yet. They said that if they won, the drivers would get to keep them, but if they lost, they would never be able to work there again. the next day,  the body frame and engine broke on one of the cars when the driver got the speed up to 100 mph. now, they had to go under 90 mph otherwise, the car will break down.

What do you think happened next?

Activity 4


Plagiarism – What is it?

Activity 1

Plagiarism is copying another’s work or ideas and passing it off as your own. There are some ways you can avoid this from accidentally.

  1. Give credit to the sources where you got your information
  2. Make it clear who said any phrases said by a real person or someone from a piece of text
  3. Put quotations around other authors text that you type

This can help people how not to get in trouble for plagiarism.

Activity 2

The land is beautiful
The sun has risen
The grass is green
The clouds look like cotton balls floating in the air

The mountains high
Have been shaped by water below
The peaks are daggers
Piercing the sky above


My Avatar

This is my avatar.

This is my avatar. I made it because I thought It looked cool. Most of it was how it started out as. I changed the pants to how they are right now. I also added some shoes because I thought, He looks quite civilized, might as well give him shoes. I gave him white shoes to match his outfit. I then completed my avatar by giving him a hat. I gave him this hat because it looked the best on him out of the others (that I could use). I then picked a background out that I liked. I made my avatar at Doppel Me.

My passion


Holla, I’m Alex and this is my blog. As you probably already know, this blog is about lacrosse. Lacrosse is a fast paced sport. It has been around before Columbus set forth on america. The Native Americans would play this game. The game was part of a ceremony and was said to be played for “The Creator” and was referred to as “The Creator’s Game”. In 1904, lacrosse became an Olympic sport. On each occasion, a playoff was held in the United States to determine what team would go to the Olympics; each time the playoffs were won by the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays of Baltimore, Maryland. At first, lacrosse was in only some states on the east coast but it has spread all over the United States

There are several versions of lacrosse. There is Field Lacrosse is the main type of lacrosse. There are 10 people on each team, only the goalie can be in the crease, and all the rules on  lacrosse sticks. Then there is Box Lacrosse. This can also be called indoor lacrosse, it’s really lacrosse in an indoor field. Then there’s Women’s Lacrosse. It’s lacrosse without all the padding and with no personal contact. If you click here you can find all the lacrosse rules.

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